Route Service


A new controller interface to monitor performance

A new controller interface that monitors performance between stations and junctions, as well as through station platforms, alerting controllers to accumulating delays.

This allows a geofenced message to be attached to the infrastructure, automatically alerting staff to the delayed trains whilst also providing a continuous and updated calculation of the average delay expected because of the problem. Registered mobiles and tablets will have a message pushed to them when entering and leaving the affected area.


Based on an abstract map of the TOC broken down into user-definable zones

The system monitors trains between stations and between stations a junction looking for and calculating delays

For each train that passes over a track section, it works out the average delay based on the number of trains that have traversed the section and displays the problem, thereby alerting the controller to delays which are building.

The map is based on TIPLOC locations for stations, sidings and Junctions based on the topology selected

Measures the time it takes for a train to traverse a section of track between TIPLOC’s and comparing this against the train schedule

Intelligent algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence, means the solution is continuously learning and updating controllers


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