A software solution to provide you with a secure application for the end-to-end digitalised management of your data.

Efficiently process cases across a multitude of industries, reducing labour intensive tasks, by introducing automated workflows, within a cradle to grave solution and all with the bonus of integration into the ministry of justice world, should this be a requirement.


The software has been designed to provide you with a simple and effective case management tool to suit your business requirements. Allowing for multiple case types and processes to be handled in one place, the concept of the system is to assist with efficiency savings by automating processes where possible. Providing an end-to-end track case management system feeding into a rich data led reporting suite providing data analytics for activity monitoring.  


Mercury Features

Do you want to gain hours back into your workforce each week? Can they concentrate their time on how to maximise revenue or analyse the data within your system to enhance your business? 

Configurable Workflows

Automated Track Case Management Functionality

Court Management Tool

Bulk Management Tool

Automated Letter Sending

Data Analytics

Integration with External Systems

Secure User Management

Document Management

Case Portal

Mercury Benefits

Positive Impacts

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