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Digitising your
mobility workflow

Migrating manual processes into a real-time digital environment.

Whether developing a bespoke solution, or integrating with existing systems. Our innovative approach generates lasting improvements for teams and customers whilst delivering bottom-line benefits.

ITAL is a leading software development house that delivers innovative, cutting-edge, SaaS technology to the transport sectors, with a key focus on Rail Operations and Revenue Protection.

Our in-house technical and UX design expertise, ensures our clients have the tools and solutions at their fingertips to meet business requirements and solve industry challenges.


ITAL Products
& Solutions

Our products and solutions are designed to fit existing processes to ensure a seamless transition to a digital world.

Mobile Applications

Our mobile platform provides a range of tools and information in one place. Using our modular approach to provide services to staff across your business.

Rail Operations

We understand Rail, and work in partnership with our clients who are looking for a modern digital, collaborative approach.


Merlin manages your rolling stock, train crew and disruption in one place, in real-time.

Merlin is a presentation layer that brings rolling stock, train crew and disruption information into one place to manage in real-time. 

Merlin extracts the rolling stock and crew diagrams from industry leading partners, allowing for the manipulation of diagrams in real-time, particularly when there is disruption.  

Merlin has a workflow designed to reflect your existing operational processes.  ITAL prides itself on digitising your existing processes, so you don’t have to change the way you work. 

Trusted by leading partners and clients

Working in partnership with clients, ITAL has an ambitious, innovative strategy and roadmap to develop new modules and services and help businesses in new sectors.

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