Staff information
in one central place


Staff information in one place

InformS is one of a suite of modules available in our Kinetic platform. InformS is a state of the art, industry leading information solution for frontline staff across Train Operators and Network Rail. InformS blends together and presents a range of automated industry data providing a one-stop shop for all information. Either as a list or a real-time map, InformS presents the latest information for yours and neighbouring train operators services…

This is a new dawn of data to empower staff, increase productivity, and improve information for customers. Staff will have the latest real-time information at their fingertips when they need it most.

InformS Features

Next Working

Full train associations – which train forms the next service and services throughout the day

Rolling Stock and Crew Diagrams

Understand who and what is making up a service, where the crew stay together/divide, what it forms for the day

Staff Live Departure Boards

Staff information for the station staff and traincrew, specific to their diagram or location


Real-time performance information

Movement Data

Both Darwin and TD.Net – A toggleable view between Network Rail data for operational information and Darwin information for helping customers

Subscription service

A full staff subscription service. Staff choose what information they want to receive, when and by what method – no more overloading staff with information they don’t require

Real-time Disruption

The latest information for your operator

Neighbouring TOC information

Understand what is happening at interchange stations and neighbouring operator’s services so staff can help customers

Two-way Comms

Update control/stations/trains to share/update information using point to point messaging

Onward Travel / Multi Model

Help customers with onward connections e.g. TfL


Understand who is travelling, which stations and trains they are using and updating staff with any changes and information

Network and Station Maps

A full real-time, automated overview of infrastructure issues, services delays, and neighbouring TOCs services

Problems it solves