Rail Operations

rail operations solutions

We understand Rail, and work in partnership with our clients who are looking for a modern digital, collaborative approach.

The Railway industry is our heritage and the strong platform on which we have built foundations. Building Software to improve rail performance. We have utilised modern technology to develop the digital railway, which is not just about signalling trains across the infrastructure. It also needs to include timetabling, crew management and other considerations.



Train management

Merlin manages your rolling stock, train crew and disruption in one place, in real-time.

Merlin is a presentation layer that brings rolling stock, train crew and disruption information into one place to manage in real-time.

Merlin extracts the rolling stock and crew diagrams from industry leading partners, allowing for the manipulation of diagrams in real-time, particularly when there is disruption. 

Merlin has a workflow designed to reflect your existing operational processes.  ITAL prides itself on digitising your existing processes, so you don’t have to change the way you work.


Diagram Validation

Daphne allows the train planner to check the validity of diagrams before publication

DAPHNE brings greater productivity through smart data analysis, managing diagram comparison and rule book validation. Optimising the diagram validation process, ensuring you achieve the best outcome.

Live Maps


Live maps is a multi-purpose, control room display that will provide controllers with a complete overview of the network, train services and route infrastructure.

Our new solution, will provide visual and audio notifications/alerts to controllers, so they can identify and resolve problems before they escalate into bigger issues, which would cause larger delays, affecting the train service, and impacting customers.