ITAL continue to be the industry leading provider of appeals solutions

We have developed a solution specifically designed for the assessing of appeals across a multitude of transport sectors in response to demand from rail passenger groups, government officials, the BPA and Transport for London. 

In a world where society love to challenge, complain and appeal, you need efficient, automated workflow-based solutions to manage with the influx.  

If you work in an enforcement-based sector our appeals software, accompanied by website that can be tailored to your requirements, as well as matching your branding guidelines will change your outlook and what can be a drab process. 


Providing this module to your appeals assessors will change their lives for the better, as configurable triggers and status driven workflows will guide them through their working day. 

Easy on the eye management views to see the exact status of the case loads, assists any decision making process that your leaders may need to make 

It’s not just your staff that benefit, your clients, customers, or passengers are also winners by enriching their experience. After submitting their appeal via your branded website, which is directly linked to the appeals software, they can set up an account allowing them to easily track their case progress. This takes away all of those contacts that you currently receive via your customer service team stating, “I haven’t heard anything since submitting my appeal, should I be worried?” There is a pre-written business case to take this solution right there. 

As with our other Mercury Modules our Appeals software can be linked to our Power BI & Analytics  


Simplified allocation of cases to your assessors

Traffic light system to easily identify aged cases, based on receipt date

Built in SLA’s

Multiple criteria options for varying offences, which are configurable

Automation of letter handling

Data Analytics


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