Live Maps



Live Maps is a multi-purpose control room display that will provide controllers with a complete overview of the network, train services and route infrastructure.

In existing control rooms across the UK, it is often difficult to see, react and resolve issues such as delays, quickly and efficiently. Control uses a joined up collaborative team effort to ensure the train service runs to the timetable. Control requires the tools to provide a complete overview of the train service and infrastructure to minimise the impact of any disruption.

Live Maps Benefits

Our new solution, will provide visual and audio notifications/alerts to controllers, so they can identify and resolve problems before they escalate into bigger issues, which would cause larger delays, affecting the train service, and impacting customers.

Control will respond to problems quicker, which will in turn provide:

• Collaborative, joined up decision making
• Improve communication
• Information shared across the business
• Faster decision making
• Reduction in delay minutes
• Operational efficiencies
• Improve train service reliability and performance
• Improve the customer experience
• Reduce complaints
• Potentially increase patronage and revenue.

Control Screen
Network Overview

This is a conceptual view of how our solution would be presented on a large 70” screen in Control. A complete overview of trains services on the move. Immediately, a controller will be able to:

  • Identify the location of a train service on the network (Headcode)
  • Using the headcode identifier, see actual performance against forecast. A train may be on time (actual), but based on other train services and route problems, may pick up a delay (forecast). This is based on a Red/Amber/Green (RAG) status, with the colour in front of the headcode signifying the status and the colour behind the headcode the forecast for the journey
  • Trains with a delay will be ordered by severity (Red at the top), so action can be taken quickly
  • See real-time performance
  • A full network overview
  • Individual route performance
  • Match current performance against KPI’s by route and whole network.

Other data sets can be added over time, providing Controllers with more information to make improved decision making. The live map can also bring in known infrastructure problems (potentially fed from out in the field by ITAL Kinetic). These can be triggered by train movements that feed into our Zonal Messaging module.

Control Room

The same real-time map information can be presented to Controllers on a desk monitor, but this version of the map will be interactive and have more infrastructure details. A controller will be able to click on the Map, drill down further and look at individual services, infrastructure and route issues.