Revenue Protection

Integrated rail data for revenue protection


Streamline, automate
and simplify

Our Revenue Protection application can be used in many enforcement environments and is used widely across the rail network. 

Our app is enriched with shared intelligence data from across our client portfolio for the purpose of protecting revenue and preventing fraud. This data enables revenue protection staff to make an instant decision on the correct course of action depending on their company policy.  

Any notice or offence type can be added to our workflows, making the app applicable in many sectors. 


Using Dynamis across Revenue Protection, you can utilise real-time rail data to optimise performance, resources and deliver business efficiencies by targeting stations, services, and staff 

Daily roster

Automated, digitalised working diagram for RP staff, including stations and train services

Real-time information

Help passengers during disruption,moving Revenue Protection into a Customer Services role Remove blockades and receive real-time ticketacceptance information

Train Movement & GPS data

Understand exactly locations where penalty fares are issued using the train headcode and TD, Darwin and GPS data

Flexible Workflows

Enforcement workflows that can be tailored to suit any environment across many sectors

Loading data

Deliver real-time or historical loading data so staff have a view of busy trains/carriages/stations for ticket inspection

Ticketless travel Dashboard

  • Bring multiple data sources together to provide a complete analytical overview of your operations
  • Manage your resources. Use data to identify hotspots across your network, ensuring maximum revenue return
  • Increase staff productivity and performance
  • A top 10 list of optimum services/stations and hotspots including times/days against potential unpaid revenue
  • A focus on “special services” – football matches, concerts where passengers without tickets board busy trains
  • Bringing Operations and Revenue together, you can monitor, measure and improve


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