Data Services


ITAL is an outstanding software development company that combines industry-leading technical capabilities and experience with an ability to listen, understand and meet the needs of our clients.

At ITAL we take a collaborative, partnership approach to software delivery to solve the challenges faced by our clients using innovation, technology, and data.

Our in-house team brings unrivalled industry expertise, knowledge, development, and communications skills to solve the challenges our clients face and deliver a state-of-the-art solution using data and software.

Underpinning our software solutions is Dynamis, our data warehouse, which provides the flexibility and scalability to deliver the outcome and solution our client desires.  Our data and UI/UX experts are with you every step of the way ensuring a seamless journey together.




Dynamis underpins all ITAL solutions, meaning our products and services provide a highly configurable, flexible presentation layer that can be adapted for our client’s needs.

Dynamis is ITAL’s data platform that centralises multiple data sets into one place. Currently utilising data from across the UK rail sector, Dynamis has the ability to consume any data set, including the extract, transform load process (ETL).


Route Service Indicator

A new controller interface to monitor performance.

A new controller interface that monitors performance between stations and junctions, as well as through station platforms, alerting controllers to accumulating delays.

Rainbow Boards

Rainbow Boards combines both the Network Rail TD data and Darwin movement data to deliver a real-time, automated solution.

The ITAL Rainbow Board solution (service status indicator feed) will use and combine both the Network Rail TD data and data from the RDG Darwin solution.


Service monitor & Recovery Tool

Making decisions to improve the customer experience

SMART will analyse historical data, events, and outcomes to provide a Controller with a range of options and scenarios to choose from using a wizard style process.

Power BI & Analytics

Bespoke Reporting, bringing improved performance

ITAL are using Power BI reporting and analytics to provide bespoke reporting to clients. Our dashboards can present live and historical information to assist businesses in delivering improved performance and business efficiencies.