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Delivering innovative, cutting-edge SaaS technology to the transport sector

Migrating manual processes into a real-time digital environment.
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Estabilished in 2003, ITAL is a leading software development house that delivers innovative, cutting-edge, SaaS technology to the transport sectors, with a key focus on Rail Operations and Revenue Protection.

ITAL works with the transport industry to deliver improved customer experiences while better managing operational costs. The digital twin ecosystem and IoT technology work together to enable the digitisation of legacy infrastructure and join together formerly siloed data sets. ITAL provides data that helps operators better maintain their assets and customers to make more informed travel decisions, especially during disruption.


Our in-house team brings unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise to solve the challenges our clients face, providing them with state-of-the-art software solutions. We take a collaborative, partnership approach to software delivery solving challenges faced by our client’s using innovation, technology, and data. 

Every client has their own unique way of working and faces individual challenges. Our products, services and workflow solutions are designed to fit existing processes to ensure a seamless transition to a digital world.

Underpinning our software solutions is Dynamis, our data warehouse, providing the flexibility and scalability to deliver the outcome and solution you desire. Our data and UI/UX experts ensure your staff have the tools they need to succeed.

Our Solutions

Migrating manual processes into a real-time digital environment.

Case Management

A software solution to provide you with a secure application for the end-to-end management of your data.

Rail Operations

We understand Rail, and work in partnership with our clients who are looking for a modern digital, collaborative approach.

Mobile Applications

Our mobile platform provides a range of tools and information in one place. Using our modular approach to provide services to staff across your business.

What our clients say

“Greater Anglia have had a business partnership over many years with ITAL that has allowed us to collaborate on innovative solutions that are practical, ease of use and fit for purpose. They always receive feedback positively and aim to improve the solutions accordingly as well as paying attention to our business needs.”


Himesh Patel

Head of IT Service Delivery
“West Midlands Trains are extremely pleased to be clients of ITAL since 2018. West Midlands Trains requested ITAL provide daily support for their brands of London Northwestern Railway and West Midlands Railways to also include the successful transfer of daily operational activities from paper to electronic processing. Through positive collaborative working with our ITAL colleagues, West Midlands Trains now utilise daily a modern, functional, and efficient electronic system. The system provided by ITAL supports many enhanced features for the benefit of our frontline Revenue Protection and Prosecutions teams. West Midlands Trains appreciate the dedication, loyalty, and professionalism of all colleagues at ITAL.”

Ian Gale​


ITAL have been an excellent company to work with they have worked closely with me and my Transport Safety Officers (TSOs) to develop a unique mobile App to allow my TSOs to engage, encourage and where necessary enforce their Community Safety Accredited Scheme Powers and conditions of carriage on the West Midlands Transport Network. They have then provided ongoing support to make any necessary and requested changes to this App to meet our specific needs in a timely manner and improve its functionality for me and my team.

Paul Franks

Civil Interventions Manager

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