Data warehouse


Dynamis is ITAL’s data repository platform that centralises data from across the UK rail sector.

Dynamis is ITAL’s data platform that centralises multiple data sets into one place. Currently utilising data from across the UK rail sector, Dynamis has the ability to consume any data set, including the extract, transform load process (ETL).

Dynamis underpins all ITAL solutions, meaning our products and services provide a highly configurable, flexible presentation layer that can be adapted for our client’s needs.

In the UK Rail sector, Dynamis is already utilising data from:

  • Network Rail
  • Rail Delivery Group (RDG)
  • Transport for London (TfL)
  • Darwin
  • ITAL Partners

Software solutions are often developed in silo to solve, different business units use a range of different solutions or information is collated in a spreadsheet – all of which create multiple entry points and manual entry information is held across different databases.

Dynamis delivers innovation and automation. Dynamis consumes data and delivers integration, intelligence, and complex algorithms and the ability to add value, deliver new, bespoke services and make information widely available across your business.

By centralising data, it allows our clients to share, integrate and develop new services and create innovative solutions. Our approach means we can deliver a modular, bespoke, partnership approach for clients solving multiple challenges they face.

Dynamis Features

A modern, scalable, intelligent technology platform that can consume, integrate, and present data, delivering intelligence and automation.

ITAL and Dynamis is able to work with any sector and industry to solve challenges using data.

Saves Time

Improves Business Intelligence

Increases Data Security

Leads to Data Standardization and Consistency

Highly scalable

Increases efficiency

Stores Historical Data