Delay Attribution
recording tool


Capture and record disruption information to improve analysis and better-informed decisions.

DART is a Cloud based data tool used to record disruption information, including delay codes and the reasons, using simple form-based data entry, and includes an online reporting suite. The tool enables information about delays to be captured at the earliest opportunity, helping with the assignment of delay reasons and further information and to be able to update the records with more attribution details as they become available.


DART Features

A performance dashboard, suite of management reports, a tool for carrying out ad hoc analysis and a data import and export function enables a better understanding of trends and delay causes to be achieved.

System integration, including live interactive maps

Real-time data capture

Single place of data capture

Accessible across the business

Full BI power reporting

Power, easy to use interface

Can be used as a stand alone

Can highlight conflicting information

Automatic prompting of staff for data entry

Workflow and wizard to steer users through the delay attribution process

User friendly, workflow and wizards

DART Benefits

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Download the DART Guide to capture and record disruption information.