ITAL and AssessTech have joined forces to develop a real-time, two-way interface between Merlin and ACMS called Project ITECH.

Data integration is key for the future and helps clients manage the train service in the most efficient and effective way, helping to keep trains running on-time and improve the customer experience.

The benefits Project ITECH delivers…


Why are we doing it?

Both companies want to ensure that clients have the best tools and solutions at their disposal, and want them to work smarter, not harder. The Project ITECH interface ensures both solutions have complete and accurate information at the user’s disposal, especially when there is disruption.

For example, if there is an additional service or a train is diverted off route, Controllers need to understand what resources are available quickly and in real-time in a simple clear user interface. They need to instantly see if a driver is competent to drive the unit and has the route knowledge required. The Project ITECH interface provides everything in one place, and when a decision is made, ensures the competency record for the driver is updated – all databases synchronised in real-time.

Products and Solutions

AssessTech and ITAL have a range of innovative enterprise solutions, providing staff, management and partners with real-time business intelligence and the ability to make more informed business decisions

Merlin manages your rolling stock, train crew and disruption in one place, in real-time.

Merlin is a presentation layer that brings rolling stock, train crew and disruption information into one place to manage in real-time. 

Merlin extracts the rolling stock and crew diagrams from industry leading partners, allowing for the manipulation of diagrams in real-time, particularly when there is disruption.  

Merlin has a workflow designed to reflect your existing operational processes. ITAL prides itself on digitalising your existing processes, so you don’t have to change the way you work.


The AssessTech Competence Management System (ACMS)

ACMS is a web-based application and a collection of offline device-based apps that can be combined to meet all your competence management needs. It is broken down into a number of modules that allow you to choose the system you need to support your business.


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