Workflow Management
& Fault Reporting


Check, capture, and report incidents in real-time

ITAL inform is our flexible workflow solution allowing staff to check, capture, and report incidents in real-time allowing your business to react and rectify, improving efficiency and the environment for your staff and customers.


  • Create your own forms and workflow in real-time (via the portal)
  • Create multiple forms for different roles across your business
  • Capture real-time information from out in the field
  • Upload and attach photo’s
  • Complete analytics and reporting

Train crew can report

Field staff

Station staff can report

Our App is highly configurable to feedback information to teams across your business, allowing for immediate or scheduled action.

  • Train crew
  • Station staff
  • Maintenance
  • Revenue enforcement
  • Customer service
  • Assisted travel
  • trackside staff (Network Rail)

Our solution understands the location of your staff enabling complete efficiency

Also included is:

  • Location / GPS data
  • Point to point messaging – send a message to other members of staff (another station to help assist a customer when alighting for example)
  • Data API available to integrate with existing systems