Embrace the future of fraud management, with our integrated Fraud Detection module


Mercury is our software solution to provide you with a secure application for the end-to-end digitalised management of your data.

ITAL presents Mercury Fraud Module, a user-friendly tool that makes managing fraud simple and efficient for teams. 

Designed to transform the future of fraud management, the fraud module offers an array of advanced features tailored to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of fraud investigation teams. 

Discover how Mercury fraud module can revolutionise your approach to fraud management and position your team for success in the digital age.


Our intuitive interface makes fraud management accessible to all users within your fraud investigation team, streamlining the process and enhancing overall efficiency.

Automation of Data Protection Act (DPA) requests ensures that your organisation can handle data requests quickly and compliantly, reducing the workload on staff and minimising the margin for error.

Expanding the capabilities by integrating APIs that connect directly with ticketing providers' data sets. This advancement aims to streamline the flow of information, allowing for real-time fraud detection and a more robust defense against fraudulent transactions.

Harness the power of advanced analytics utilising the Power BI reporting dashboard, to uncover patterns and anomalies, enabling proactive fraud prevention strategies.

Sort & filter results of loaded data for managing large datasets. Users can easily sort and filter through the data, which allows for quicker identification of relevant information and more efficient investigation processes.

Empower your investigation team to maximise revenue with a tool designed to enhance their capability to protect and maximize revenue. By equipping teams with advanced technology, they are better positioned to prevent revenue losses.


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