IoT Technology


Innovative Internet of Things Technology Solutions is revolutionising the transport industry.

Current transport data management is costly to maintain and creates barriers to data distribution, integrating poorly with other systems and blocking companies from capitalising on the advantages of digitalisation. The transition to the next generation of data management requires adopting new technologies that can integrate outdated existing systems with modern new systems.


Our IoT sensor technology can deliver significant benefits in other areas and add value to your business operations and customer experience.  Some of the features can include:

  • Cell location i.e. ‘I am broadcasting from this cell so I’m approximately …’
  • GPS
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Movement and orientation i.e. gyroscopes and compass
  • Vibration a different set of gyroscopes
  • Light
  • Various gases including NO2
  • Rainfall
  • Personal device sensing i.e. the presence of particular smart phones or similar devices
  • Device tethering i.e. ‘I’ll alert you if something I can see is moved’
  • Device communication i.e. a compliant mobile device comes within range of the IoT device, so I’ll tell it things…*

* E.g. a cleaning regime, maintenance history or a manual. Particularly useful for station asset quality inspection and management

Customer Behaviour

Our IoT sensor technology allow us to monitor the busyness of stations and give a 24/7 picture of people’s movements mapping the new travel patterns that are emerging. The live dashboard gives an invaluable aid to teams around the network to make tactical decisions based on up-to-the minute information. The solution can be further extended to provide an understanding of customer flows around the network, helping with the refinement of service design.

Package Tracking

With our sensor technology we can track packet freight around the network keeping customers informed about its location, and when integrated with our operations software we can add forecasted arrival time and information about any delays that might be encountered. This solution helps to reduce wasted time and enhance confidence in the suitability of Rail freight, as a logistics solution.

RFID & Consist

Using our consist builder solution your team can quickly and accurately record the consist of a train tying the vehicle records to the manifest and publishing it on-line all in real time. Any vehicle or cargo faults identified can be captured and alerted directly from the site, significantly speeding up processes and accuracy of record keeping. All with a robust handheld device connected to the Cloud database.

Consist tracking

Knowing where rolling stock is in real time is an important part of ensuring an efficient operation and makes for faster recovery from incidents, and getting the service more quickly returned to the timetable. Our software tracks the location of vehicles and links the vehicle data to diagram and time table as well as to vehicle history for a more efficient operation.

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Download the ITAL Guide to IoT Technology and our Modules.