Maximising revenue
Streamlining data


Given the profound impact Covid-19 has had on passenger numbers and the industry revenues, it has never been more important to minimise the cost of revenue fare evasion as the industry adapts in a post pandemic world, particularly as the cost-of-living crisis further diminishes the population’s disposable income.

The current trends and key drivers such as growing population, social and economic progress as well as growing pressure on emission reductions lead towards rail activity more than doubling by 2050.

If unaddressed, fare evasion revenue losses could grow exponentially, costing the rail industry billions of pounds every year. Such colossal amounts could instead be invested in service improvements and delivery, ensuring the UK rail network remains a global leader in passenger transport.

Working in collaboration

Carlisle Support Services and ITAL are providing a national fully managed revenue protection solution


A great collaboration

As a recognised railway employer with over 2,300 people supporting 13 of the UK’s train operating companies, Carlisle Support Services joins forces with ITAL, a leading software development house of cutting-edge SaaS technology.

The collaboration empowers an unrivalled provision of bespoke revenue protection services that will revolutionise the industry for good, providing a solution that is:

The collaboration brings together a balanced people and technology strategy that provides centralised real-time data and immediate actionable tasks to front line operatives for unrivalled revenue protection. Therefore, maximising capability whilst having the strategic insight and transparency to minimise unnecessary costs through optimal resource allocation.

A fully comprehensive solution

Carlisle Support Services and ITAL are providing a national fully managed revenue protection solution that optimises capability, minimises costs while maximising revenue, and streamlining data consistently across the industry for a unified approach. Therefore, enabling unrivalled strategic decision-making for maximum national impact and improved service delivery.